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Halloween & Horror Wood Shapes

Here you'll find all the deliciously creepy and sinister Halloween wood shapes you'll ever need! From gravestones to grim reapers, skulls and bats... no fluffy pink hedgehogs here!

Featured Products
Ghostly Dementor MDF Wood Shape - Style 3

Ghostly Dementor MDF Wood Shape - Style 3£0.50  -  £1.00

Rib Cage - MDF Wood Shape

Rib Cage - MDF Wood Shape£0.80  -  £4.00

Staring Toad - MDF Wood Shape

Staring Toad - MDF Wood Shape£1.35  -  £2.70

Coulemelle Mushroom  - MDF Wood Shape

Coulemelle Mushroom - MDF Wood Shape£0.20  -  £2.40

Anatomical Head - MDF Wood Shape

Anatomical Head - MDF Wood Shape£1.70  -  £3.40

Teeth - MDF Add On Sheet

Teeth - MDF Add On Sheet£2.00  -  £4.00

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