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A Message from Helen...

We've been so lucky over the years to have worked with the most amazing designers, both UK and international.  Our blog has become a huge depository of ideas, hints and tips as well as lots of step by step instructions to provide inspiration.  You'll learn how to use our products in the most original ways to enhance your projects, or create a whole project from scratch.

Please do share some love for our fabulous designers over at the Design Team Blog and thank you for stopping by! So without further ado, here's more about our talented team...

All the best... Helen x

Kerstin-Inga Peters

I have been creating for many years now, always in search for new techniques and yet unexplored territory in craftland. I'm a Vintage fan and love the things that are old and nobody wants anymore, because they have a history! I like to invent always new and so I will also often be good for a surprise.

I scrap and craft because it's a passion, it's a wonderful relaxing time for me. I'm a very detail in love person and pay much attention to even the small things in life. This makes the often gray everyday life easier. I find inspirations by the various things of everyday life, discoveries in my garden or on hikes through the nature. I love to capture moods and feelings and to implement them in my craft projects. Behind all things can you find a story, I hope I can encourage and inspire you to try and create along with us, this amazing wooden or MDF shapes are absolutely awesome and there are so many various possibilities to work with them.

You can visit Kerstin's blog HERE 

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