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A Message from Helen...

Not that I'm biased in the slightest (lol), but as the owner of Calico Craft Parts I hope you'll agree that we have the most amazing design team.  Many of you will remember our team of ladies from the days of Calico Crafts and although there have been some changes to the line up, the creativity and inspiration hasn't slowed a jot! 

Please do share some love for our fabulous designers over at the Design Team Blog and thank you for stopping by! So without further ado, here's more about our talented team...

All the best... Helen x

Louise Crosbie (aka Zuzu) - Design Team Co-ordinator

I have always enjoyed being creative, even as a child. My latest craft obsession started about 9 years ago with simple card making. that soon became rubber stamping and general papercrafts which in turn led to me wanting to do altered art and mixed media. I am particularly fond of making new things look old, distressed vintage or shabby chic, but i like other styles sometimes too.

Zuzu x

You can visit Zuzu's blog HERE

Lesley Walters

Hey, I'm Leslie, mum to Evie and The Freakies.

I like to dabble with ink, paints and all things rusty. Creating mixed media, recycled and eclectic pieces. Any item is viable when I create and I often start on one path only to be led in a completely different direction.

One thing I love about creating... no plans, just fun and seeing where my inspiration takes me.  Always collecting random items on my travels. And I'm often found rummaging through the odd skip or two!                            

You can visit Lesley's blog HERE              

Calico Craft Parts Designer - Claudia Neubacher

Claudia Neubacher

Loving mother, wife and dog owner. Besides having a Master of Arts degree, I have been creating since I could hold a pencil. "Plumps" were the first creatures that filled my drawing sheets and gave me that wonderful feeling of being an almighty "creator". They actually were clumsily drawn circles with added strokes all around that resembled the legs (or arms?) but to me they were my first creations and that filled me with immense pride and happiness.

Today - about forty-five years later - I find that I still have moments when I feel like that - they are more seldom of course - and therefore even more precious to me. And isn't this what being creative really is all about?

You can visit Claudia's blog HERE 

Calico Craft Parts Designer - Julie Ann Lee

Julie Ann Lee

My name is Julie Ann Lee and about 3 years ago I dipped my toe into the crafty waters with a craft blog called Magpieheaven! It’s no exaggeration to say that blog changed my life. I now have a little Etsy shop; I’ve had the opportunity to guest design and to write crafty articles for on line magazines and I’ve demo’d at Alexandra Palace.

I love to experiment with paint and texture on everything from canvases to papier mâché and glass. I particularly enjoy working in miniature and introducing my own art-work, especially digitally altered hand-drawn faces, to my projects. Most of all I love story-telling so it’s important to me that any project, however small, has its own narrative.

You can visit Julie Ann's blog HERE    

Magda Polakow

I live in Shropshire with my hubby and our two dogs. I'm a cookie monster, bookworm, illustrator, crafter, volunteer...and much more. I enjoy long walks and discovering new places around the world. 

I love mixed media. I like playing with various mediums, experimenting with colours and textures. Most of my projects are very colourful and bright. I enjoy trying new colour combos. There are no rules and no planning ahead. Art journal is my secret experimenting background where most ideas are hidden and, once in a while, transform into a bigger project. 

You can visit Magda's Instagram page HERE



Calico Craft Parts Designer - Kerstin-Inga Peters

Kerstin-Inga Peters

I have been creating for many years now, always in search for new techniques and yet unexplored territory in craftland. I'm a Vintage fan and love the things that are old and nobody wants anymore, because they have a history! I like to invent always new and so I will also often be good for a surprise.

I scrap and craft because it's a passion, it's a wonderful relaxing time for me. I'm a very detail in love person and pay much attention to even the small things in life. This makes the often gray everyday life easier. I find inspirations by the various things of everyday life, discoveries in my garden or on hikes through the nature.  I love to capture moods and feelings and to implement them in my craft projects. Behind all things can you find a story, I hope I can encourage and inspire you to try and create along with us, this amazing wooden or MDF shapes are absolutely awesome and there are so many various possibilities to work with them.

You can visit Kerstin's blog HERE    

Previous Design Team Members


Trish Latimer (original DT member, now retired)

My name is Trish Latimer, and I'm a paintaholic...  I'm also addicted to colour, texture, quirky figures and rubber stamps. Combine all that together and you basically get the idea of what I love to create, a often as I can! I'm lucky enough to to be a full time mixed media designer, (fancy title for 'plays with paint 24/7' ), which is a very good thing... I get very twitchy if I haven't created something for a few hours!

I've been crafting, teaching (and learning) for around 20 years now, all kick started off by watching a stamping demo on the shopping channel whilst at home when my eldest was a baby! I now write for Craft Stamper, Beads and Beyond and Creativity magazines, and I released a 'how to' DVD all about paint in conjunction with Traplet.  Trish xxx

You can visit Trish's blog HERE

Astrid Maclean (original DT member, now retired)

I have been stamping and paper crafting probably for about 10 years or so, but did not get seriously into it until about 2007. My paper crafting hobby has developed from those early stamping and card making days into using many different media and I would like to call myself a mixed media artist.

I love journaling, altering all sorts of objects and playing about with gesso, acrylic paints, collage and many layers. Often I use my stamps more for creating backgrounds rather than as a main vocal point. My style is Vintage/Shabby Chic and I love playing around with ribbons, flowers and lace.

You can visit Astrid's blog HERE

Alison Bomber (original DT member, now retired)

I've been lucky enough to live a pretty creative life, but until a couple of years ago it was mostly around words and people, working in the theatre.  I've only been crafting seriously since March 2012, but since then I'm never happier than when playing with inks, paints, stamps and bits of paper/wood/metal/clay/stone.  I love the act of creating something out of nothing much, or of transforming an object, giving it new life.  

I find so much inspiration as I travel around Craftyblogland.  Because of my "other life" in the theatre I also find myself inspired by words and/or music, and one of the challenges for me is to make connections between those creative worlds and this new visual, tactile creativity.  There are so many things to try and to explore and, for me, there's nothing better than that sense that you're always learning and always growing. 

You can visit Alisons's blog HERE                                                                                                                                    


Calico Craft Parts Designer - Jennie Atkinson

Jennie Atkinson

I live on Shetland, one of the UK’s most remotest of islands, nearer to Norway and Faroe than the UK. As I don’t get the chance to visit shows or workshops very often I have taught myself most of the techniques I use and whilst I started with scrapbooking, my move into mixed media work a few years ago has totally changed the way I craft.

I am a vintage/shabby chic style crafter, loving lots of layers, crackle and most importantly flowers, many of which I make myself. I am very lucky to now be retired and able to indulge my passions for crafting which also include a love of spinning wool and knitting the beautiful Fair Isle patterns Shetland is so famous for.

You can visit Jennie's blog HERE    




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